Earth Lingua is a brand name which represents the entire translation industry. Business letters used for communication process is an important activity which can be included in translation activities as a whole. Usually it is known that a good translator is a good at drafting letters. Fortunately this statement stands true for the translators at Earth Lingua. They are not only creative but also intelligent to put the right word and the phrase at the right place.

Many of us think that business writing is difficult. But we, at Earth lingua believe that it is not difficult rather it is different from other kinds of creative writings in humanities, social sciences and other academic purposes. Business letters strive to be crisp, and it stresses on specificity and accuracy. The intellectuals at Earth Lingua help the clients to prepare a well drafted business letter which reflects the unique purpose and considerations involved when writing in a business context.

Hence, if you are trying to reach global clients make your business communication extremely effective by writing precise but target oriented business letters. Take our assistance for business writing, proofreading, editing and translating. This will help you to reach a client who is miles away from you in minimum time. Our business letter writing style varies from the contemporary e-mail writing style. We don’t make the draft too small or too long as we know that a too small letter may not suffice your requirement and too long letter will kill your and your clients’ time unnecessarily. So we always try to make the business letter as short as possible by giving the maximum required information.

As far as business letter is concerned we believe in 3 Cs:

Consider the guidance of Earth lingua to make your business communication clear and concise. Be sure that we would take the best possible care of your document by keeping it free from long endless chopping sentences. With Earth Lingua’s assistance make your business letter exact, specific and keep it free from vagueness, ambiguity and platitudes.