Direct mailer is a form of advertising that reaches the audience not through the traditional formal channels of advertising like TV, newspaper and radio etc. Rather this kind of advertising is performed through distribution of fliers, catalogues, promotional letters and street advertising. Direct mailer marketing reaches the audience directly without the involvement of any third party.

Earth lingua, is a creative direct mailer which help you to be noticed among the crowd. All our advertisements are designed in a specific way to appeal to a substantiate number of people. All our creative professionals at Earth lingua know that any direct mail programme starts with two basic components:

We, at Earth Lingua help our clients to understand the core concept of advertising and the target group. We also help them to reach their target group timely in an efficient manner through our creative campaigns and unique ads.

Our customized service aims at:

The creative professionals at Earth Lingua provide their clients with the most effective direct mail services. Their highly customized services help the clients to create successful direct mail promotions which manage all aspects of your business campaign under one roof. Our varied services include a lot of things like bulk mail management, data preparation, laser printing, direct addressing, folding, mail processing, plastic wrapping as well as mailing supplies. To reach the final process of direct mailing services we have all equipments, facilities and people who are well versed with the know-how of direct mailing services.

At Earth Lingua, our aim is to meet the needs of our customers by providing Mail Management in a timely & efficient manner through our direct mail service.