Game localization refers to the preparation of video games for other locales. Though it seems like an easy process which involves the translation from one language to another but in reality the process involves a lot of differences like linguistic, cultural, hardware, software and legal differences. Since video games are an entertainment medium, there are some special needs to consider when localizing them for sale in other countries. 

At Earth Lingua, New Delhi we have an experienced and talented team of game translators who just love games. Their passion towards game has brought them into the profession of game localization. Game is the force which binds the team. Our team mates always aim at to do something creative and innovative to make the games popular in the market. Our objective is to help our clients who are publishers and developers to enter new markets and maximize sales.

Unlike conventional localization companies and translation agencies we do not take game localization haphazardly. Our depth of knowledge related to game localization allows us to refine, optimize and cost-reduce the entire game localization process. We, at Earth Lingua know it very well that game localization is an integral part of production planning because it needs co-ordination of many internal and external sources. Hence, we plan properly which includes proper handling of codes as well as organizing and localizing the assets. Our developers are aware of potential content issues and they know that the best way to do this is to gather international input early in the pre-production process and solicit this input through the game’s production.