Medical translations are quite important in present scenario as most of the medical texts are written either in English or in Greek, the languages which are not spoken and understood by many. Hence medical translation is crucial as it will help a major population to read classic medical literature in their own language. This will help many to understand the medical terminologies which will help the medical practice of the doctors and medicos. Accurate translation of your medical documents will lead to better reading.

Erath Lingua is a certified medical translation service provider to globally integrated life science companies. Since its inception in 2003, Earth Lingua has been working efficiently with many medical and clinical business houses. Due to our continuous efforts and customer friendly working process we have become the preferred medical translation company of life sciences and health care companies, both large and small in India as well as abroad.

At Earth Lingua, all our medical translators are habituated with reading medical articles and papers, package inserts, investigational new drug applications (INDA) and new drug applications (NDA). We cover a wide range of medical areas and terms, from anesthesia and dentistry to veterinary medicines to pharmaceuticals. Our professional medical translators are able to translate anything and everything related to medical process. These are:

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