Oriya is an Indo-Aryan Language spoken in the Indian state of Orissa. It has emerged as a developing and powerful state in the entire Indian sub-continent as more multinational companies choose this state as an ideal place to make profit out of their business.
But the greatest mistake these big companies do is that they consider English or Hindi as the language of communication in this region and they can target the reach the customers through English. But their assumption stands wrong as literally 25% people of Orissa can understand English and 60% of the entire population understand Hindi well. Hence the rest of population can’t be targeted as your customer if you don’t use Oriya as the language of communication. For this Oriya to Hindi or Hindi to Oriya translation is quite essential for establishing their business.

Earth Lingua, a Delhi based company provide translation in Word, PDF, HTML and other formats as per your requirements. All our translators are native speakers of HIndi and at the same time they are equally competent in Oriya as Hindi is the Official language of India. They can fully, rapidly and competently fulfill your Oriya Hindi translation needs. They provide the clients with effective translation services from Oriya to Hindi. The professional translators at Earth Lingua are specialists in many disciplines like:
Human resource
Labour relation

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