Both Punjabi and Hindi belong to Indo-Aryan Language family and are mutually intelligible with each other. There are a lot of lexical and structural similarities between these two. Being a North Indian state Punjab is closer to other Hindi speaking states. This closer distance is a major factor for the mutual interaction between the speakers of Punjabi and Hindi.

Though the languages are very similar to each other Punjabi- Hindi translation is not an easy job as a whole translation demands a lot of certainty and particularity. A good Punjabi-Hindi translator must be a native speaker of Hindi and should have near native fluency in Punjabi.

Fortunately at Earth Lingua, all the Punjabi-Hindi translators are native speakers of Hindi with near native fluency in Punjabi. Their expertise in both the source and the target language help our clients to achieve the most accurate translation of their document. They also ensure thorough understanding of the language and culture of the Hindi speaking communities as they know that translation is a culture driven process. All our Punjabi-Hindi translators are specialists in the following domains:

If you are looking for the best possible kind of Punjabi-Hindi translation, choose no other than Earth Lingua. Feel free to contact us via phone, email or FAX. We would be delighted to serve you.